none binary with left girl

im so chill im practically dead


On a scale of VIXX to Block B how embarrassing are you


big byung


People who think bassists and drummers are not important cannot be trusted

ZE:A Lee Hoo


I’m actually pretty sad by the fact I haven’t seen this on my dash more than once. Everyone seems to be ignorant of the situation, or has chosen to ignore it. Yet, if it were an EXO member doing this, a kpop blogger’s dash would be exploding with news, support, and awareness. But…


why is frozen still relevant i’m so tired of hearing about it lets talk about wreck it ralph instead which was better in every way 


if im understanding this right lee hoo literally got fed up w/ his company ranted on twitter destroyed his ceo’s career and bought his own company all w/in like 2 days i have never been More Impressed holy shit this is the defintion of getting shit done

140922 hztttao: 아이구 강아지야😂너무귀여워어똑해😭귀여워귀여워!!!!! 我天哪 小狗好可爱怎么办啊 好可爱好可爱! Dog so cute!!qute. 그리고중국콘서트잘끝났어요 모든팬들고마워요 사랑해~😙

(KRN) Aigoo puppy-yah😂 so cute, what do I do😭 cute cute!!!!! Also, the concert in China has finished, thank you to all the fans, I love you~😙

Yoongi speaking English (/∇\*)


Everyone who suffers from social anxiety needs a friend who will

  1. help them order food when it’s too scary
  2. walk with them through crowded places
  3. help them laugh it off when they make a mistake
  4. not get tired of answering “no, you’re not annoying, silly goose! You’re adorable and I love you” no matter how many times it’s needed

and if you’re that friend, bless u for being fab <3

Why are you pointing your screwdrivers like that? They’re scientific instruments, not water pistols!

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